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Funk N Junk - Kelowna Junk Removal

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We are a Kelowna-based small business specializing in all your:

 junk removalyard cleanup, and trash elimination needs. 

Locally owned and operated by a husband and wife team, we are striving to be the Okanagan's premier rubbish disposal and cleanup experts. 

Our mission is not only to transform cluttered garages, sheds, and yards into beautiful, usable spaces, but to make sure that as much as possible is eitherdonatedrecycled, reused, or repurposed/ upcycled in new and interesting ways.

We do not indiscriminately chuck everything in a bin and have it brought to the landfill to be buried.

We take the time to organize the undesired items and ensure that if they are salvageable or still fine for use, they will not be trashed. 

The dump is filling up at an alarming rate and we are focussed on keeping as much out of it as we can. Even your unwanted and unneeded items deserve a second chance!

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