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Work Truck

We have built this business from the ground up, starting with completely re-doing our ultimate work truck!

When we first purchased our truck, it was hardly worth the wheels it sat on. It seemed like there was an endless list of parts that needed to be replaced and rebuilt, metal that needed to be welded and repaired, and definitely the need for a new paint job! It also had an ICBC mandated vehicle inspection put on it. We spent months of blood, sweat, and tears tearing her apart and building her back up. From patching the deck, having the hydraulic pump's seals redone, putting new inner and outer fenders, grill, transmission, and tires, then bodywork, paint, and hand-painted lettering, there was so much to do! Finally, it was time for the inspection. We brought her in to an accredited safety facility, and after a few minor repairs in the shop, it was re-approved and certified. Hip-horray the Funk n Junk truck was born!

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