Foreclosure Cleanup
Foreclosure Cleanup

  We want you to have a clean and useable space and we will make it happen. A general overview of   the services we offer and the things we take away are:

   Rubbish and Scrap Disposal

  • household garbage
  • construction waste
  • yard waste
  • derelict vehicles, bicycles, tractors, machinery
  • scrap metal
  • appliances
  • ​electronics
  • unwanted/damaged furniture​​

​  Yard and Space Cleanup

  • raking, weeding, and minor landscaping projects
  • brush and tree branch/log removal 
  • pressure washing  
  • fix-up or demolish sheds
  • Bolens Estate Keeper with lawnmower attachment
  • Kubota L1802DT with front end loader bucket
  • re-vamping unuseable garage or storage spaces by

         disposing of waste, cleaning, and even painting if you wish!

Snow Removal

  • Bolens Estate Keeper tractor with snowblower attachment
  • Kubota L1802DT with front end loader bucket
  • hard-working shovelers!
Funk n Junk - Junk Removal Kelowna

​Into this...

​We turn this...

Every item that we take away that can be Reused, Recycled, Refurbished, Repurposed/Upcycled, or be given another life in any way shape or form will be!

Help keep Kelowna GREEN, and SUSTAINABLE!!

Ways you can help lower the cost of our service..

  • pre-sort as much as possible! Even if you have to arrange items in piles of recycling, possible salvageable or donatable items, refuse, compostable materials, it will save us time, which in turn saves you money
  • have everything in an easy and convenient place for pick-up

​We will complete just about any task, however, the less time it takes us, the more you save!

​FREE ESTIMATES: (250)-317-2972​


"Your clean-up-cycling specialists!"

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